What's new?

This page contains an overview of the InstallMate 9 releases.

Release Build Changes
9.119.7327 8860 Added prerequisites for .Net 8.0.3 runtimes (ASP, Core, Desktop); minor fixes and corrections
9.118.7305 8787 Added internal support and prerequisites for .Net 8.0.1 runtimes (ASP, Core, Desktop)
8787 Updated prerequisites for older .Net runtimes (3.1.32, 5.0.17, 6.0.26, 7.0.15)
9.117.7258 8713 Added /u option to generated TWU update information file.
9.117.7254 8692 Removed remnants of old stub sets from code and user interface.
9.116.7252 8679 Changed to customized uninstaller build model. This allows the uninstaller to be customized with the same icon and product name as the installer, but requires a separate digital signature.
8673 Added URL Protocol option to File Type properties
8673 Added prerequisites for .Net 7.0.11 runtimes (ASP, Core, Desktop)
8673 Added prerequisite for combined Visual C/C++ 2015-2022 runtime libraries (Vista and later)
9.115.7215 8628 Fixed @response file expansion for installer
9.114.7207 8498 Fixed dpiAware setting for x64 HighestAvailable manifest
9.114.7204 8417 Added prerequisites for .Net 6.0.13 and .Net 7.0.2 runtimes (ASP, Core, Desktop)
8417 Added prerequisite for Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office
8413 Fixed progress bar indication for batch builds
9.113.7186 8401 Reverted hexadecimal digits to uppercase A-F after coincidental change to lowercase a-f
8400 Added extra checks on CPU architecture in system info detection for ARM-based systems
8398 Improved WebView2 prerequisite with better installation checks and per-user ability
9.112.7152 8381 Cleaned up and simplified regsvr32.exe code by removing Windows 9x and other pre-Windows XP compatibility hacks
8375 Internal clean up and minor corrections as part of routine maintenance
9.112.7132 8374 Fixed application manifest namespace error for dpiAware setting
8374 Uninstall information is now stored under %PROGRAMDATA%\Uninstall folder
9.111.7104 8369 Added prerequisites for Microsoft SQL Express 2019 and 2022 (default configurations only)
8363 Added prerequisites for .Net 6.0.11 and .Net 7.0.0 runtimes (ASP, Core, Desktop)
9.110.0 8343 Updated download URLs for .Net runtimes 4.6.2-4.7.2
8342 Added new variables to capture highest .Net 6.x installed runtime versions and improved .Net 6.x prerequisites detection and installation with them.
9.109.0 8284 Added prerequisite for WebView2 runtime
9.108.0 8279 Added prerequisites for .Net 6.0.8 runtime (ASP, Core, Desktop)
9.107.0 8271 Fixed exception due to missing msi.dll; updated user interface and documentation to mention Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022
9.106.0 8268 Changed installer startup process to reduce false positive AV detections
9.105.0 8244 Added prerequisites for .Net 6.0.7 runtime (ASP, Core, Desktop)
9.104.0 8108 MSI wrappers are now signed with SHA-256 if that is the only digest selected for code signing
9.103.0 8091 Added prerequisites for .Net 6.0.2 runtime (ASP, Core, Desktop)
9.102.0 8046 Added prerequisites for .Net 5.0.13 and .Net 6.0.1 runtime (ASP, Core, Desktop); various minor cleanup
9.100.1 7844 Internal cleanup; removed max MRU file preference
9.100.0 7795 Added a requirements check option for .Net 5.0
7795 Added prerequisite handlers for .Net 5.0.5 runtimes (ASP, Core, and Desktop).
7795 Added prerequisite handlers for ASP.Net Core 3.1.14 and .Net Core 3.1.14 runtimes.
9.99.0 7736 Added prerequisite handlers for ASP.Net Core 3.1.12 and .Net Core 3.1.12 runtimes.
9.98.0 7663 Added prerequisite handlers for ASP.Net Core 3.1.10 and .Net Core 3.1.10 runtimes.
9.97.2 7622 Added more frequent cancellation checks during preflight testing and build
9.97.1 7573 Changed reboot checks during prerequisites handling to avoid multiple user prompts
9.97.0 7572 Added missing .Net 4.7 and 4.8 releases to .Net requirements settings
9.96.0 7568 Corrected the installation-time conversion of REG_DWORD values containing non-numeric expressions
7533 Corrections and updates to Italian translation
9.95.0 7518 Added Minimize button to minimize UI during build; fixed build progress indicator; taskbar button now also indicates build progress
9.94.0 7385 Adjusted .Net 4.8 prerequisite handler test
9.93.0 7372 Updated signtool.exe included with InstallMate after recent Windows 10 update
9.92.0 7294 Added package build report option with package contents listing
9.91.1 7257 Minor user interface cleanup for Platforms settings; updated documentation for Server 2019
9.91.0 7236 Updated timestamping URLs for code signing; the Symantec servers will be decommissioned shortly
9.90.0 7212 Updated embedded web links to new Tarma.com website layout
9.89.0 7166 Added prerequisite handlers for .Net 4.8 runtime.
9.88.0 7130 Added prerequisite handlers for VS2019 C/C++ runtimes.
9.87.0 7014 Added prerequisite handlers for ASP.Net Core and .Net Core runtimes.
9.86.0 7012 Fixed the Always reboot reboot policy to really prompt for permission to reboot during interactive installs.
9.85.0 6780 Added priority boost option for compressor process
9.84.1 6774 Updated download URLs for .Net 4.7.2 runtime prerequisite handler
9.84.0 6760 Added prerequisite handler for .Net 4.7.2 runtime
9.83.0 6726 Extended .Net 4.x version tests to use Release numbers, updated to 4.7.2
6726 Removed unintended truncation of runtime function parameters by wsprintf()
6726 Added work-around for IE9+ registry version lookup
9.82.0 6712 Added /? and /help command line options for installer, to open Setup command help page
9.81.0 6706 Corrected runtime redirection check for user registration under HKEY_ALL_USERS
9.80.0 6691 Fixed long-standing but extremely rare bug in internal hash tables
9.79.0 6671 Added Visual C/C++ 2017 runtime prerequisites
9.78.1 6663 Project dirty flag is now set when Keep during updates option is toggled
9.78.0 6598 Added /s:sourcedir installer option when running from MSI-wrapped installer
9.77.0 6593 Added /f installer option
9.76.0 6538 Fixed use of project-relative paths in per-project code signing settings
9.75.0 6534 Added HiDPI tree icon images to installer proper
9.74.0 6510 Added prerequisite handler for .Net 4.7.1 runtime
9.73.0 6482 Fixed SP level conversion from pre-9 and early 9.x project files
9.72.0 6475 Spurious leading and trailing spaces in selected symbolic variables are now diagnosed with BLD:W0197
9.71.0 6454 Uninstaller data is now placed in publisher's own %APPDATA% folder
9.70.0 6448 Run Program and Run Script actions now place their temporary files in <PreinstallFolder> for automatic cleanup
9.69.1 6424 Added special handling for exit code 5100 (system requirements not met) from .Net installers
9.69.0 6416 Added prerequisite handler for .Net 4.7 runtime
6416 Added full support for high-DPI screens
9.68.0 6405 Changed to HTTPS URLs for updates & related
9.67.0 6353 Replaced GeoTrust SHA-256 timestamping URL with Symantec URL; GeoTrust timestamping is no longer functional
6353 Added Alt+Up and Alt+Down as alternative keyboard shortcuts for Item Up and Item Down, respectively
9.66.1 6299 Removed Prefix processing from build progress dialog box
9.66.0 6282 Added recursive RepairDependents action
9.65.1 6277 Updated Japanese translation, courtesy of Hulinks, Inc.
9.65.0 6273 Added index #35 to $sysval() function for MS Office information
6272 Added suffix generating option for registry value names
9.64.0 6222 Fixed bug where icon or bitmap names weren't accepted by button controls
9.63.1 6144 Removed current directory change (introduced in 9.57.0) because of problems with relative file paths
9.63.0 6119 VBP imports are now prevented if InstallMate Builder is running as 64-bit application
9.62.1 6118 Run Script action now ensures that each script ends with a newline character
9.62.0 6099 Fixed bug that caused Installation level not to update Setup stub until project was saved
9.61.0 6083 Added .Net 4.6.2 runtime prerequisite
9.60.1 6026 Added option to show file installation/removal state
9.60.0 6026 Added .Net 4.6.1 runtime prerequisite
9.59.0 5996 Updated with latest versions of .Net and MSI runtime prerequisites
9.58.1 5982 Fixed edge case that prevented installer password dialog box to appear in quiet mode
9.58.0 5981 Added Don't scale for high DPI option to bitmap control
5980 Adapted to new version of internal runtime libraries
9.57.1 5977 Current directory change to System directory is now performed as early as possible in the installer process
9.57.0 5976 Replaced implicit loading on DLLs not in KnownDlls in installer by explicit loading with fully qualified paths
9.56.0 5963 Fixed a regression where the first default option would be ignored
9.55.1 5951 Update of Turkish translation, courtesy of Gencer Gençgiyen
9.55.0 5922 Added Marquee option to ProgressBar control and corresponding Marquee enable/disable messages to Set Window State action
9.54.3 5915 Fixed folder installation issue where System (sub)folders were always treated as Create on demand
9.54.2 5884 Replaced BLD:I0040 and BLD:I0041 diagnostics with info in code signing log
9.54.1 5883 Added extra diagnostics BLD:I0040 and BLD:I0041 to diagnose downlevel SHA-256 signing on some Windows 10 systems
9.53.0 5872 Code signing now always uses SHA-1 for MSI wrappers, even if SHA-256 is selected for .exe package
9.52.0 5853 Fixed a regression in file version checks caused by change in external runtime library
9.51.1 5852 Re-issued 9.51.0 with extra wintrust.dll registration
9.51.0 5851 Added Register DLLs as regsvr32 option to work around interfering AV tools
5850 Added support for combined SHA-1 + SHA-256 installer signing
5832 Update of Turkish translation, courtesy of Gencer Gençgiyen
9.50.0 5831 TizPath variable is now initialized in all session types
5831 Added new installer exit code 20 for Another instance of the same product installer is already running (formerly covered by exit code 2)
9.49.1 5815 Project output folder is now created on demand for SignCode log file, if required
9.49.0 5814 Added Use ShellExecute() option to SignCode preferences
9.48.1 5805 Symbolic variables used in generated TWU update file are now fully resolved
9.48.0 5792 Added rollback of previous uninstallation data if a previous version was not uninstalled and new installation failed
9.47.1 5789 Added Font option to ComboBox, ListBox, and OptionTree controls; fixed persistency
9.47.0 5788 Added SetRegValue custom DLL function
5788 Added SQL Server 2014 Express and LocalDB prerequisites
5788 Added Font option to EditText control
9.46.0 5780 Installation log file now includes timestamps for each line
9.45.2 5779 Installer stub VERSIONINFO fields OriginalFileName and FILETIME are now also set during build
9.45.1 5775 Installation file version comparisons no longer use modified date if both files have a VERSIONINFO resource
9.45.0 5768 Added /wn and /wx command line options to InstallMate Builder
9.44.0 5766 Added $eval() runtime function
9.43.0 5753 Added .Net 4.6 and MS Access 2010 SP2 prerequisites
9.42.0 5748 Uninstall Product action now synthesizes missing MSI uninstall commands
9.41.0 5746 Added SQL Server 2012 Express runtime prerequisite
9.40.1 5746 Further improved VBP imports on 64-bit systems
9.40.0 5745 Added extra checks to make sure the Tin2 and VBP imports of System32 folder always use System (32-bit) folder
9.39.0 5743 Added support for #comment lines in response files for InstallMate Builder and InstallMate Setup
9.38.1 5741 Added Visual C/C++ 2015 runtime prerequisites
9.38.0 5741 Fixed regression bug in Setup's treatment of command line options that caused @response.txt not to be processed if it was the first parameter
9.37.5 5738 Clarified the use of Update/News URL on the Product information page for the Package Information File
9.37.4 5722 Added pseudo owner ID to non-owned download archive
9.37.3 5722 Fixed pseudo-HTTP status code for non-HTTP download actions
9.37.2 5716 Fixed scaling problem with some fonts on 4K displays
9.37.1 5688 Added tie breaking rules to make item sort stable for identically named project items
9.37.0 5682 Main installer package is now always built in %TEMP% folder to avoid network redirector issues in network-based builds
9.36.1 5667 Platforms checkboxes skip indeterminate state if only a single object is selected
9.36.0 5666 Fixed typo in Program Files folder definitions introduced in 5646
9.35.0 5660 Fixed scaling of bitmap images in high-DPI screen modes
5660 Added TSU:I0100 message to log screen size and resolution
9.34.1 5649 Added extra object type checks in installer runtime DLL
9.34.0 5647 Added extra TsuRebootRequired checks to various Finish dialogs
9.33.0 5646 Small tweaks to ensure that InstallMate Builder previews the correct Program Files folders under all circumstances
9.32.0 5631 Added code to ensure that INI file parent folder exists prior to INI file installation
9.31.1 5629 Small corrections to Turkish translation
9.31.0 5621 Added SignTool options for SHA2 digests
9.30.0 5619 Added application compatibility manifests for Windows 10 to all InstallMate executables
9.30.0 5619 Added Platforms and Requirements options for Windows 10
9.29.3 5615 Improved $func(...) parsing to avoid spurious BLD:W0089 warnings if the final parameter is empty
9.29.2 5612 Updated TWU2010 DLLs and their libraries with backported fixes from TWU2012
9.29.1 5591 Added extra HTTP status checks to Download File action
9.29.0 5591 Added LastStatusCode variable to make the most recent HTTP status code accessible
9.28.4 5557 Made sure that all changes are picked up after a Change/Modify run of the installer by checking Uninstall.dat first
9.28.3 5550 Added internal checks to ensure that time-based object aliases are unique even if generated in quick succession
9.28.2 5539 Added extra Setup.dat/Uninstall.dat checks in case of external Setup.dat damage
9.28.1 5534 Partial support for customization of language selection dialog
9.28.0 5533 Enabled and documented @response.txt syntax for InstallMate Builder and Setup command lines
9.27.1 5530 Added Build size column to Project overview package list
9.27.0 5527 Logging of changes to TsuActionName and TsuActionItem is now suppressed in TSU:D0006 to reduce clutter
5527 Added Turkish translation, courtesy of Gencer Gençgiyen
9.26.0 5519 Added new prerequisites for Visual Studio C/C++ 2013 runtime libraries
9.25.0 5513 Fixed conditions in FinishDlg to allow user to postpone reboot even with Reboot policy: Always reboot.
9.24.0 5501 Re-introduced the $compname syntax to retrieve the installation folder path of a component.
9.23.0 5486 Added advanced build option to set File version of installer's executable
9.22.0 5436 Added new prerequisites for .Net 4.5.2 and Visual Studio C/C++ 2012 runtime libraries Update 4
9.21.1 5424 All applicable SignCode/SignTool diagnostics are now produced at once, instead of one by one
9.21.0 5423 Fixed internal "runtime" setting on TsuUserAgent that caused spurious BLD:Q0211 diagnostics
5423 Added BLD:W0187 through to BLD:W0196 to help diagnose SignCode/SignTool misconfigurations
9.20.0 5410 Added TsuUserAgent variable to set HTTP User-Agent string during component downloads
9.19.0 5373 Installer now saves separate Uninstall.dat copy of Setup.dat to protect against deletion of Setup.dat
9.18.1 5352 Made TSU:W0036 non-fatal during installation
9.18.0 5351 Modified the way OfficeFolder looks up the Microsoft Office installation folder
9.17.1 5348 Tightened the window during which system reboots are denied
9.17.0 5346 Output from Run Script actions is now captured in the LastStdOut variable
5346 Added $lfn() runtime function
9.16.1 5345 Minor changes to new SignTool certificate options
9.16.0 5344 Added new SignTool certificate options
9.15.0 5341 Added Show elevation shield option to push button control
9.14.1 5233 ComboBox and ListBox controls now also preselect dynamically added items
9.14.0 5222 Added .Net 4.5.1 prerequisite handler
5222 SignCode/SignTool working directory is now set to project directory before signing
9.12.1 5158 Added ~ convention for empty INI file values
  5158 Fixed a problem with STDIN redirection on some console programs
9.12.0 5152 Added customizable Uninstaller icon option, separate from the package icon
9.11.0 5150 Added the $fread() runtime function
9.10.11 5150 Run as standard user (unelevate) option in Run Program action now ignored unless Shell verb also set
9.10.10 5146 Added new LastStdout variable to catch STDOUT output from external actions
5146 Fixed bugs introduced in 9.8.8, 9.10.6, and 9.10.7 affecting path of [Common]ProductGroupFolder (only)
9.10.9 5134 Added BLD:I0039 diagnostic
9.10.8 5121 Register as 32-bit uninstaller installer option now also registers non-uninstall information under 32-bit view
9.10.7 5120 Fixed bug introduced in 9.10.6 affecting path of [Common]ProductGroupFolder (only)
9.10.6 5118 Moved Quick Launch folder directly under Current User profile for better visibility
5118 Fixed an InstallMate 7 -> 9 conversion problem that resulted in a blank QuickLaunchFolder alias
9.10.5 5108 Added fallback handler to Run as standard user (unelevate) option in Run Program action
9.10.4 5096 Added Register as 32-bit uninstaller option to the Installer options page.
9.10.3 5095 Renamed extension DLL to _Setupx.dll during installation (was: Custom.dll)
9.10.2 5094 Added extra runtime diagnostics TSU:I0099, TSU:E0061, TSU:E0062
9.10.1 5086 Minor documentation updates for InstallMate 9.5+ and Windows 8.1
9.10.0 5085 Prerequisite install actions now elevate by default, final RunApp action un-elevates
5085 Added Run as standard user (unelevate) option to Run Program action
9.9.0 5050 Added platform support and requirements checks for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2
5050 Added version information for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2
9.8.8 5023 Fixed bug introduced in 9.8.0 affecting path of [Common]ProductGroupFolder (only)
9.8.7 5017 Fixed bug caused by wrong internal doctype after opening Workspace file instead of Project file
9.8.6 5010 Increased maximum number of icon images per .ico file to 64
9.8.5 4998 Added dynamic resource DLL patching to work around Wine EndUpdateResource() bug
9.8.4 4991 Fixed inadvertent multiple restores of symbolic variables that were set as Build variables in a package configuration
9.8.3 4985 Existing services are now reconfigured in-place if they cannot be created
4985 Added TSU:W0073 and TSU:A0067 diagnostics to track service configuration issues
9.8.2 4984 Added Croatian translation, courtesy of Hrvoje Matić
4984 Made saving of watch list items in project file optional
4984 Added TSU:W0072 diagnostic to track service create/configuration issues
9.8.1 4983 Fixed a filter parsing problem in watch list filters
9.8.0 4980 Added BLD:D0014 build message to help debug SignCode/SignTool command line options
4980 Added Custom options field to SignCode/SignTool preferences
4980 Added InstallMatePath symbolic variable
4978 Added build error message BLD:E0129 to catch errors during final build step
4978 Registration helper programs are now stored in <TinProductFolder> instead of %TEMP%
4978 New Watch List... command now opens Watch Lists dialog box instead of Define Watch List directly
9.7.0 4970 Components without files are no longer marked for download in download packages
4969 Added component linking to CheckBox and RadioButton controls
9.6.1 4964 Added unselected radio button icon to Component states
9.6.0 4962 Added user-settable compression level option
4961 Updated Deflate (zlib) compressor to 1.2.8
4960 Added separate registration and document registration for Workspace files (.iw9, .iw7, .tiw)
4957 Enabled multi-threaded LZMA/LZMA2 compressor
4957 Switched to multi-threaded runtime libs throughout
4956 Added LZMA2 compression option
4956 Updated LZMA compressor to SDK 9.20
4956 Compression implementation rewrite; see additional items above.
4954 Corrected MSI wrapper to handle both quiet and interactive installs under all circumstances
4954 Added missing project item files to distribution
9.5.2 4940 Added BLD:Q0213 preflight diagnostic to catch ill-advised user editing
9.5.1 4937 External process exit code error detection is now enabled by default in Setup error handling
4937 Improved runtime error handling in Run Script actions
9.5.0 4930 Warning Removed platforms and system requirements options for pre-Windows XP platforms
4928 Warning Removed symbolic variable support for pre-Windows XP platforms
4926 Warning Removed installer support for pre-Windows XP platforms
9.4.1 4923 Added HTTP status code check to Download File action, DownloadArchives standard action, and TSU:A0053 diagnostic
9.4.0 4906 Fixed a bug in the InstallMate Builder Installer options page that caused uninstaller title updates to be ignored
4904 Internal code reorganization and cleanup in TSU
9.3.5 4894 Fixed several bugs related to font handling and display in dialog editor after font updates
9.3.4 4889 Added internal MSI wrapper option to suppress final "Installation completed" dialog box
4889 Added project-wide duplicate alias preflight checks for files, folders, registry keys, and components
9.3.3 4887 Components with a runtime condition are no longer initialized from previous installation
9.3.2 4886 ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_REQUIRED during assembly installation is now treated as success and sets reboot flag
9.3.1 4880 Added second chance folder removal to catch pending file deletions
9.3.0 4863 Made DEL key functional in RichTexts even without selection
4863 Added component assignment options to Add Files dialog box, used for adding files and watch lists
4862 Improved component name display in various views
9.2.3 4843 Fixed a bug in the working folder field of the Run Script action property pane
9.2.2 4834 Fixed an InstallMate Builder access violation when expanded symbolic service account name is empty during preflight
9.2.1 4831 Fixed a problem when using Deflate compression: TSU stub is now always compressed with LZMA
9.2.0 4821 Component states can now be set from the installer's command line
9.1.2 4821 Conditional expressions now also accept 0x-prefixed hex numbers as integers
9.1.1 4821 Minor internal improvements and cleanup
9.1.0 4817 Added support for stored files in Run Program actions (in addition to installed files)
4817 Fixed conversion problem in pre-InstallMate 9 projects, where Set Component State action would lose its (converted) component
4816 Simplified installer log file handling and removed installer log file option from Installer options page
9.0.10 4815 Removed superfluous TSU file backup and rollback diagnostics
4815 Made TSU service action diagnostics more detailed, and added several new ones
9.0.9 4812 Fixed overzealous duplicate object name preflight check in components
9.0.8 4806 Fixed message processing problem during running of external compressor process
4806 Added BLD:D0012 (and BLD:D0013) messages to record execution times of external processes
9.0.7 4806 Changed time-out handling of external compressor to a dynamic, checkpoint-based method
9.0.6 4804 Made registration certificate parsing more robust in the light of Share-It bugs
4804 Changed font in Registration dialog box to allow visual checks of registration certificate
9.0.5 4802 Added Ctrl+Q as keyboard shortcut for File > Exit (Exit InstallMate)
4802 Compressed archives are now built with a separate helper process to avoid locking the Builder's UI during the build
4800 Internal reorganization of diagnostic messages
4796 Switched to runtime libraries v22.5
9.0.4 4789 Preflight digital signature check now uses separate helper process to avoid locking the Builder's UI while the certificate chain is checked
4788 Various internal improvements and minor corrections
4787 Fixed context menu for custom log file path on Installer options page
4783 Renamed extension DLL to Custom.dll after installation (instead of _Setupx.dll) to convey its purpose better
9.0.3 4782 Further internal cleanup and testing
4781 Refactored assembly-type components and removed all UI functionality from them
4781 Various internal and usability improvements
4780 The package list selection is now synchronized with package combo box in main toolbar
4778 Fixed workspace parsing, which forced package's Build manifest option to Packing list each time
4775 Nested components now delete their referenced items properly
9.0.2 4774 .im9 file extension is now registered to InstallMate Builder upon installation
4773 Components and assemblies now use their internal name as display title if none other given
4773 Assembly-type components no longer re-generate their internal name when a new manifest is linked
9.0.1 4766 Fixed a bug in the multi-file selection dialog boxes used to import translations etc.
4766 Added JRE 7 (x86 and x64) prerequisite handlers
9.0.0 4761 Hundreds of larger and smaller changes since InstallMate 7.x. For an overview, see New in InstallMate 9
n/a All changes in InstallMate 7.x up to and including 7.6.7
4435 Branched off from InstallMate 7.5.4435