Keyboard shortcuts

Many commonly used commands can be accessed quickly through the keyboard. Below is a list of all keyboard shortcuts in InstallMate. For a list of all commands, see Command reference.

Key combination Command
Ctrl+A Select all (text, list items)
Ctrl+B Apply bold formatting
Ctrl+C Copy to clipboard (text, project item)
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+H Replace
Ctrl+I Apply italic formatting
Ctrl+N Create new project
Ctrl+O Open project from file
Ctrl+Shift+O Open project as copy from file
Ctrl+Q Exit InstallMate (same as Alt+F4)
Ctrl+S Save project
Ctrl+Shift+S Save project as
Ctrl+U Apply underline formatting
Ctrl+V Paste from clipboard (text, project item)
Ctrl+W Close project (same as Ctrl+F4)
Ctrl+X Cut to clipboard (text, project item)
Ctrl+Y Redo most recently undone edit
Ctrl+Z Undo most recent edit
Del, Delete Delete (text, project item)
Ctrl+Enter Insert line break (in multiline text fields)
Esc, Escape Cancel without changes (various commands) or close menu
Move item down
Move item up
Next project page
Previous project page
F1 Show context help
F2 Rename object
F4 Next message
Alt+F4 Exit InstallMate (same as Ctrl+Q)
Ctrl+F4 Close project (same as Ctrl+W)
Shift+F4 Previous message
F5 Refresh view
Ctrl+F5 Run default installation package
Shift+F5 Refresh project information
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Run default installation package As...
Ctrl+F6 Next pane
Shift+F6 Previous pane
F7 Build default package
Ctrl+F7 Preflight default package
Shift+F7 Build all selected packages
F8 Next message (same as F4)
Shift+F8 Previous message (same as Shift+F4)
F10 Open main menu
Shift+F10 Open context menu