Project commands

The Project menu contains commands that check or build the project, or add new packages to it. Some commands apply to the default package; this is the configuration whose name is shown on the main toolbar. Others apply to all selected configurations; this means all configurations on the Project overview page that have a check mark in front of their name.

Command Description Keyboard
New Package Creates a new installation package, then displays the Project overview page where you can edit the name and other attributes of the newly created package.  
Preflight Default Performs preflight checking on the default package. Ctrl+F7
Preflight All Selected Performs preflight checking on all selected packages.  
Build Default Performs preflight checking, then builds the installation package(s) for the default package. F7
Build All Selected Performs preflight checking, then builds the installation package(s) for all selected packages. Shift+F7
Run Default Runs the most recently built installation package of the default package. This allows you to test the installer on your own computer. Ctrl+F5
Run Default As User... Similar to Test Default, but allows you to run the test under a different user account. Ctrl+Shift+F5
Generate New GUIDs Generates new GUIDs for the Product and for each Component, but not for Assemblies. This is required if you want the project to produce an installer that is independent from the current product.  
Refresh Refreshes all project information, in particular information about the installation files for the project. Shift+F5