License registration

The License registration dialog appears when you choose Help > Register... from the main menu bar. It explains how the registration process works and allows you to enter the registration certificate that you receive after purchasing an InstallMate license.

Note: InstallMate stores its registration certificates on a per-user basis on your computer. This means that if you enter the registration certificate while logged on as, for example, Dave, then someone else who logs onto the same computer under a different name will not see this certificate and InstallMate will be unregistered. The other user must obtain her/his own registration certificate and enter that while logged on under their name.

Dialog fields and options

The upper part of the dialog contains a description of the registration steps and a hyperlink to the InstallMate registration web page. The lower part contains one field.

Attribute Description
Registration certificate

This is a large text field in which you can paste the registration certificate that your received after purchasing an InstallMate license. The easiest way to insert your certificate is as follows:

  1. Select the certificate text in your email client or in the text editor if you saved the certificate to a file (which we strongly recommend!). Be sure to include all lines, starting with -----BEGIN TARMA CERTIFICATE----- and ending with -----END TARMA CERTIFICATE-----. You may include more lines, but not fewer.
  2. Copy the selected text to the Windows clipboard. Usually Ctrl+C will accomplish this; if not, look for the Edit menu in the email software or text editor and choose the Copy command from it.
  3. Switch to InstallMate, open the License registration... dialog, click in the (empty) Registration certificate field, and press Ctrl+V to paste the certificate text.
  4. Click Register.

If all went well, you will see a confirmation message. In case of an error, an error message appears. Double-check the certificate text to make sure that you really included the entire certificate (including all dashes) and correct any problems, if necessary by re-selecting and re-copying the certificate. If that doesn't help, get in touch with