This dialog appears in various situations when InstallMate needs to alert you to a problem or needs confirmation before carrying out a command. A full list of messages is provided in the Message reference section.

Dialog fields and options

Most of the dialog is used to display the actual message or query. It also contains a number of standard buttons that dismiss the dialog: OK, Cancel, etc. There are two non-standard fields; they may not be available in all message boxes.

Attribute Description
Apply to all Check this box to apply the same response to all remaining items. This is useful if InstallMate is asking for confirmation on a large number of items; checking this box and clicking one of the response buttons (usually Yes, No, or Cancel in this situation) uses that response for the remainder of the command.
Don't show again

Check this box to suppress the current message on future occasions. This is useful for reminder messages that you are no longer interested in. If at some point you want to see the messages again, then you can restore all suppressed messages by clicking Reset warning messages in the Preferences - General dialog that is accessible through the Edit > Preferences command on the main menu.