The Dialogs page defines the dialog resources that the installer uses during installation and removal of your product. On the left is a tree with the dialogs and their controls, and on the right a tabbed window with two tabs: Layout and Event handlers. The former shows the dialog layout for preview and editing; the latter contains the event handlers for each dialog.

Note: Merely adding a dialog to this page does not add the dialog to the installer. To use a dialog in the installer, you must reference it in one or more Run Dialog actions on the Actions page.

Predefined dialog boxes

When you create a new InstallMate project, the Dialogs page contains a number of predefined dialog boxes, as shown in the following table. We recommend that you edit the predefined dialog boxes where possible, instead of creating your own. This ensures a more consistent design and also compatibility with future versions of InstallMate.

Dialog box Description Used in...
FailedDlg Announces a failed installation session _ExitHandler
FinishDlg Announces a successful installation session UIChangeInstall, UIFirstInstall
LicenseDlg Displays the license agreement text UIFirstInstall
OptionsDlg Displays the OptionTree control and associated options UIChangeInstall, UIFirstInstall
OptionsDlg2 Alternate, simplified options dialog box  
ProgressDlg Interactive installation progress indicator UIChangeInstall, UIFirstInstall
ProgressQuietDlg Non-interactive installation progress indicator DoChangeInstall, DoFirstInstall, DoRepair, DoUninstall
ReadmeDlg Displays the Readme text UIFirstInstall
RebootDlg Queries the user for permission to reboot the computer DoUninstall
RegistrationDlg Displays the user registration information page UIFirstInstall
ResumeDlg Opens an installation session that is resumed after a reboot UIResume
RunModeDlg Displays installation session options: Change, Repair, or Remove _EntryHandler
WelcomeDlg Opens a new installation session UIFirstInstall

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