Run Dialog action

The Run Dialog action opens a dialog box. The dialog box can be opened either modal or modeless:

Modal dialog boxes are used when the dialog box must be an integral part of the parent action sequence and the next action in the sequence must occur only after the dialog box is closed. For example, most of the installer user interface pages are modal dialog boxes, as are the secondary dialog boxes that require additional information or confirmation from the user before continuing.

Modeless dialog boxes allow the parent action sequence to continue while the dialog box is open. A typical example is the installer's progress dialog box (ProgressDlg or ProgressQuietDlg): after the dialog box is created modeless, the parent action sequence immediately continues with the installation actions, at the end of which the modeless progress dialog box is then closed. In between, the progress dialog box displays the progress messages that are generated by the installation actions.

You can run any dialog box as either modal or modeless; the modality of a dialog box is determined by the Run Dialog action, not by the dialog box itself.


The following attributes and options are available.

Attribute Description
Action name Enter the name of the action. This name is only used in InstallMate and is not visible to the user.
Dialog name Enter the name of the dialog to run, or click ... (browse) to open the Select Target Dialog dialog box that allows you to select a dialog box.
Modal dialog Check this box to run the dialog box modal; clear it to open the dialog box modeless.
Condition Enter the conditional expression that determines if the action will be executed, or leave empty for unconditional execution.
Disabled Check this box to disable the action. A disabled action is not included in the installer and not checked during the build. You can use this option to remove actions temporarily from your installer without permanently deleting them. Disabled actions are shown with a grayed-out icon.
Platforms... Click this button to open the Select Installation Platforms dialog box that allows you to select the Windows versions on which the action must be executed. This platform selection acts as an additional condition for the action.

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