Action Sequence

An action sequence contains one or more actions for execution by the installer. There are two required action sequences (_EntryHandler and _ExitHandler) that serve as the entry and exit points of the installer; all other action sequences are optional.

When you create a new InstallMate project, it contains the action sequences that implement a default installer. However, these action sequences are not cast in stone; you can change them, delete them, or add any number of others to create a fully customized installer.

We recommend, however, that you start with the predefined action sequences and modify them to suit your needs. Defining new action sequences requires a good understanding of the operation of the installer and should only be done after you have gained experience with the installer.

Tip: See Actions for a complete list of predefined action sequences.


The following attributes and options are available.

Attribute Description
Name The name of the action sequence. Apart from the required _EntryHandler and _ExitHandler names, you can use any name you like for an action sequence, as long as it's unique among all other action sequences. This name is only used in InstallMate and is not visible to the user.
Comment Enter a short description of the action sequence's purpose. This is for your own documentation only; the installer does not use this field.

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