Actions reference

The following standard and custom actions are available in InstallMate. For usage information, see the following related topics:

Action Description
Download File Download a file from the installer. Can be used to pull in optional third-party components, among other things.
End Dialog Close a modal or modeless installer dialog box.
Find File Search for a file or folder on the target system and store its path in a symbolic variable.
MessageBox Display a modal message box, optionally terminating the action sequence or session.
Register RunOnce Register a program for post-boot startup.
Run Dialog Show a modal or modeless installer dialog box.
Run DLL Call a custom function in an extension DLL.
Run Program Run an external program, or open an external document, or open an external URL.
Run Script Run external actions from a script: batch commands, JScript, VBScript, or PowerShell.
Run Sequence Transfer control to another action sequence, or jump to an action in the current sequence.
Set Component State Set the selection state of a component.
Set Variable Assign a new value to a symbolic variable.
Set Window State Perform one of a series of window-related actions: show, hide, minimize, maximize, restore, enable, disable, make read-only, make editable, give focus, click, select, set text, insert item, ShellExecute.
Standard Action Perform one of a series of standard actions: CheckAccessRights, CheckCustomerInfo, CheckInstallOptions, CheckPrerequisites, CheckProcesses, CheckRequirements, CreateFolders, CreateShortcuts, DeleteServices, EndProcessing, EndSequence, InitComponents, InstallFiles, InstallMobileCabinets, InstallPrerequisites, InstallServices, LoadCustomerInfo, PauseServices, Previous, QueryCancel, RedirectFolders, RegisterFiles, RegisterODBC, RegisterProduct, RemoveEnvironment, RemoveFiles, RemoveFolders, RemoveIniFiles, RemoveRegistry, RemoveShortcuts, ResolvePaths, ResumeServices, SaveCustomerInfo, ShowAboutBox, StartProcessing, StartServices, StopServices, UninstallDependents, UnregisterFiles, UnregisterODBC, UpdateComponents, WriteEnvironment, WriteIniFiles, WriteRegistry.
Standard Dialog Display one of a series of standard dialog boxes: Browse for folder, File Open, File Save As.
Uninstall Product Uninstall a product, for example to uninstall the previous version of the same product before installing a new version.