Run Sequence action

The Run Sequence action transfers control to another action sequence, either as a subroutine (control returns to the original action sequence once the second sequence terminates) or as a branch (control does not return to the original action sequence), or it transfer control to another action in the same action sequence. You can use this action to implement conditional branching, or to create action sequences that can be reused as subroutines from different places in the installer.


The following attributes and options are available.

Attribute Description
Action name Enter the name of the action. This name is only used in InstallMate and is not visible to the user.
Jump type

Select the desired kind of control transfer from the drop-down list. The following choices are available:

Jump type Description
Run sequence Transfer control to another action sequence and continue with the original action sequence once the second sequence terminates.
Goto sequence Transfer control to another action sequence altogether, without returning to the original sequence.
Goto action Transfer control to the named action in the same action sequence.

Note: You may create recursive action sequences, as long as the recursion ultimately stops (for example by making the Run Sequence action conditional). However, for safety reasons InstallMate limits the maximum recursion depth to 16; attempts to recurse deeper than that level will cause the installation to fail immediately.

Target Enter the target action or sequence name, or click ... (browse) to open the Select Action or Select Target Sequence dialog box that allows you to select the desired action or sequence.

Check this box and enter the localizable prompt text to have InstallMate prompt the user before the action is run; clear it to run the action without prompting.

If you use this option, then the prompt is displayed in a dialog box with (localized versions of) Yes and No buttons. The action is executed if the user clicks Yes and skipped if No is clicked. You should phrase your prompt accordingly.

Localized Check this box to localize the Prompt field and use different prompts for different languages.
Condition Enter the conditional expression that determines if the action will be executed, or leave empty for unconditional execution.
Disabled Check this box to disable the action. A disabled action is not included in the installer and not checked during the build. You can use this option to remove actions temporarily from your installer without permanently deleting them. Disabled actions are shown with a grayed-out icon.
Platforms... Click this button to open the Select Installation Platforms dialog box that allows you to select the Windows versions on which the action must be executed. This platform selection acts as an additional condition for the action.

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