RichText control

A RichText control displays formatted text from RichText resources and is typically used for longer pieces of text, such as license agreements or Readme information. To display a RichText resource in a RichText control, you must add the desired text on the RichTexts project page, then set the control's RichText name attribute to the name of the desired RichText resource.

RichText controls are implemented with the Windows RichEdit control. Over time, Microsoft has released several versions of this control; later versions have better support for different scripts and Unicode. InstallMate internally uses the most recent version of the RichEdit control that is available on the target system; this guarantees the best possible results under the circumstances. However, you should be aware that when the installer runs on earlier versions of Windows, the rendering of some text or formatting options may be different.

Note: RichText controls as used in the installer are read-only; users cannot edit the displayed text.

Tip: To change the tab and Z-order of a control in a dialog box (i.e., the order in which they are drawn and how they appear "on top" of each other), select the control in the dialog/control tree in the left pane on the Dialogs project page, then use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down to move the control up or down in the order. These keystrokes are shortcuts for the Move Up and Move Down commands on the control's context menu.


The following attributes and options are available.

Attribute Description
Control name Enter the internal name for the control. This name is for use in InstallMate only; it is not used in the installer. All control names must be unique within their parent dialog box.
Control ID

Select a control ID from the drop-down list or type a numerical ID to use for this control. All controls within a dialog must have different control IDs. For most controls, you should select Automatic; for PushButton controls, one of the standard IDxxx values is generally recommended.

See Dialog control IDs for an explanation of the available control IDs and their usage.

RichText name Enter the name of the RichText resource to display in the control, or click ... (browse) to open the Select RichText dialog that allows you to select a RichText resource from the project's resources.
Localized Check this box to localize the RichText name field and use different RichText resources for different languages.
Tab stop
Client edge
Don't mirror

These are all standard control styles; see Dialog control styles for a description.

Condition Enter the display condition for the control or leave empty to display the control unconditionally. See Dialog control conditions for more information.

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