Alphabetical reference

The following variables are predefined on the Variables project page in most InstallMate projects. You may define additional variables, and any folders or registry keys that you create will also appear with their aliases on the Variables project page.

Variable Description
AdminToolsFolder Current User Administrative Tools folder
AdminUser Installing user has Administrator privileges
AppDataFolder Current User application data folder
BuildBase Build target base name
BuildDate Build date as YYYYMMDD
BuildDayNo Build day number, starting from 1 January 2000
BuildFolder Folder containing the build target
BuildName Package name
BuildSerial Builder's registration code
BuildTarget Build target file path
BuildTime Build time as HHMMSS
BuildType Build type: TSU
BuildVersion InstallMate version that created the installer
CacheFolder Current User Internet cache folder
ColorBits Color depth of display in bits/pixel
Comments Product support comments and tips
CommonAdminToolsFolder All Users Administrative Tools folder
CommonAppDataFolder All Users application data folder
CommonDesktopFolder All Users Desktop folder
CommonDocumentsFolder All Users Documents folder
CommonFavoritesFolder All Users Favorites folder
CommonFiles64Folder Root folder for shared 64-bit program files
CommonFilesFolder Root folder for shared 32-bit program files
CommonFilesXFolder Root folder for shared native-bitness program files
CommonProfileFolder All Users profile root folder
CommonProgramGroupFolder All Users Program group folder
CommonProgramMenuFolder All Users Programs menu folder
CommonStartMenuFolder All Users Start menu folder
CommonStartupFolder All Users Startup programs folder
CommonTemplateFolder All Users Templates folder
COMPANYNAME Name of the installing company
ComputerName Computer network name
ComSpec Command processor path
CookiesFolder Current User Cookies folder
Copyright Copyright notice
Date Installation date formatted according to regional preferences
DesktopFolder Current User Desktop folder
Drivers64Folder Device drivers folder (64-bit)
DriversFolder Device drivers folder (32-bit)
DriversXFolder Device drivers folder (native)
Email Product support email address
ExtraSize Additional installation space requirements
FavoritesFolder Current User Favorites folder
FontsFolder Font installation folder
GlobalAssemblyCache .Net Global Assembly Cache folder
HelpFolder Help installation folder
HistoryFolder Current User History folder
HKAU All Users registry hive (maps to either HKLM or HKCU)
HKCR Class registration registry hive
HKCU Current User registry hive
HKLM Local Machine registry hive
HKU Users registry hive
IISRootFolder Internet Information Server root folder
InfFolder Device driver installation info folder
InstallDate Current date as YYYYMMDD
Installed Running from installed base
InstalledVersion Currently installed product version
InstallID Unique installation identifier
InstallLocation Current installation location from registry
InstallMatePath Root folder of the InstallMate product installation
InstallTime Current time as HHMMSS
Intel Intel CPU level
Intel64 Intel/64 CPU level, if present
LastExitCode Exit code of the most recently run external program
LastStatusCode HTTP status code of the most recent download action
LastStdOut STDOUT and STDERR output of the most recently run external program
LocalAppDataFolder Local (non-roaming) Application data folder
LocalSettingsFolder Local (non-roaming) root folder
LogonUser Name of the installing user
MainInstalledVersion Currently installed version of the main product if upgrade/add-on
MainInstallLocation Installation folder of the main product if upgrade/add-on
MainProductCode Product GUID of main product if upgrade/add-on
MainProductMaxVer Maximum version of main product if upgrade/add-on
MainProductMinVer Minimum version of main product if upgrade/add-on
MainProductName Product name of main product if upgrade/add-on
Manufacturer Manufacturer's name
MsiAMD64 AMD/64 CPU level, if present
MsiNetAssemblySupport Target system supports .Net runtime assemblies
MsiNTProductType Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 product type
MsiNTSuiteBackOffice BackOffice is installed
MsiNTSuiteDataCenter DataCenter is installed
MsiNTSuiteEnterprise Windows 2000 Advanced Server is installed
MsiNTSuitePersonal Running on a Windows Home edition (XP, Vista, and later)
MsiNTSuiteSmallBusiness Small Business Server is installed
MsiNTSuiteSmallBusinessRestricted Restricted Small Business Server is installed
MsiNTSuiteWebServer Running on Windows Web edition
MsiWin32AssemblySupport Target system supports Win32 assemblies
Msix64 x64 CPU level, if present
MSOffice Microsoft Office registry key
MSOfficeDir10 Microsoft Office 2002 programs folder
MSOfficeDir11 Microsoft Office 2003 programs folder
MSOfficeDir12 Microsoft Office XP programs folder
MSOfficeDir8 Microsoft Office 97 programs folder
MSOfficeDir9 Microsoft Office 2000 programs folder
MyPicturesFolder Current User My Pictures folder
NetHoodFolder Current User NetHood folder
OfficeFolder Microsoft Office programs folder
PackageCode Distribution package GUID
PersonalFolder Current User Personal folder
PhysicalMemory Size of physical memory in MB
PreAdminRequired Prerequisites require Administrator privileges
PreinstallFolder Temporary pre-installation folder
PRIMARYFOLDER Name of the primary installation folder symbol
PrimaryVolumePath Volume containing the primary installation folder
PrimaryVolumeSpaceAvailable Available disk space on primary installation volume
PrimaryVolumeSpaceRemaining Remaining disk space on primary installation volume
PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired Required disk space on primary installation volume
PrintHoodFolder Current User PrintHood folder
Privileged Installing user has elevated privileges
ProductCode Product GUID
ProductLanguage Language ID of the product (decimal)
ProductName Product name
ProductVersion Product version
ProfileFolder Current User profile root folder
ProfilesFolder Profiles root folder
ProgramFiles64Folder Root folder for 64-bit application programs
ProgramFilesFolder Root folder for 32-bit application programs
ProgramFilesXFolder Root folder for native-bitness application programs
ProgramMenuFolder Current User Program group folder
ProgramGroupFolder Current User Programs menu folder
ProjectFolder Folder containing the InstallMate project file
ProjectName InstallMate project file base name
ProjectPath Fully qualified path to the InstallMate project file
Publisher Publisher's name
RecentFolder Current User Recent Documents folder
RegCLR2Version Microsoft .Net 2.0 installed version
RegCLR35Version Microsoft .Net 3.5 installed version
RegCLR3Version Microsoft .Net 3.0 installed version
RegCLR4ClientVersion Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client profile installed version
RegCLR4FullVersion Microsoft .Net 4.0 Full profile installed version
RegCLR4Version Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client or Full profile installed version
RegIEVersion Microsoft Internet Explorer installed version
RegMDAC Microsoft MDAC registry key
RegMDACVersion Microsoft MDAC installed version
RegNTProductType Windows NT old-style product type name
RegOrganization Name of the registered organization
RegOwner Name of the registered user
ReplacedInUseFiles In-use files were replaced
ROOTDRIVE Default disk drive for installation
ScreenLPX Horizontal resolution of the display in pixels/inch
ScreenLPY Vertical resolution of the display in pixels/inch
ScreenX Width of display in pixels
ScreenY Height of display in pixels
SendToFolder Current User Send To targets folder
ServicePackLevel Service pack level of target system
ServicePackLevelMinor Minor service pack level of target system
SessionID Pseudo-random 8-character session identifier
ShellFoldersCU Current User Shell folders registry key
ShellFoldersLM Common Shell folders registry key
SourceDir Setup runtime folder
SpecialBuild SpecialBuild VERSIONINFO initialization
StartMenuFolder Current User Start menu folder
StartupFolder Current User Startup programs folder
SupportURL Product support URL
System16Folder Windows system folder (16-bit)
System64Folder Windows system folder (64-bit)
SystemFolder Windows system folder (32-bits)
SystemLanguageID Language ID of the default system language (decimal)
SystemXFolder Windows system folder (native)
TARGETDIR Root folder for installation
Telephone Product support telephone number
TempFolder Temporary files folder
TemplateFolder Current User Templates folder
TerminalServer Target system is running Terminal Server
Time Installation time formatted according to regional preferences
TinComponentsKey InstallMate components registry path
TinFolder InstallMate database root folder
TinProductFolder InstallMate installation database folder
TinProductsKey InstallMate products registry path
TinRegistryPath InstallMate registry path
TizPath Original installation database path
TsuActionItem Current action item during installation
TsuActionName Current action name during installation
TsuArguments The installer's command line arguments
TsuExitCode Installer exit code
TsuFeatureBrowsable Current feature's folder may be browsed
TsuFeatureDescription Current feature's description
TsuFeatureDisplayName Current feature's display name
TsuFeatureFolderAlias Current feature's associated folder alias
TsuFeatureSize Current feature's installation size
TsuFilesInUse OBSOLETE; use ReplacedInUseFiles instead
TsuInstalled OBSOLETE; use Installed instead
TsuInstallLevel Installation level for installation
TsuInstallSize Total installation size
TsuMBTimeOut Time-out period for built-in messages, in seconds
TsuPath Fully qualified path of the installer program
TsuPendingFileDelete One or more installation files are pending deletion
TsuPID Process ID of the installer process
TsuProgress Overall progress as permille of total work
TsuProgressPos Number of bytes processed so far during installation or download
TsuProgressRange Total number of bytes to process during installation or download
TsuQuiet User interface level during install
TsuRebootMode Reboot policy during install
TsuRebootRequired Reboot is required
TsuRemoveSize Total removal size
TsuRunMode Installer run mode
TsuStatus Installer session status code
TsuUpgrade Uninstaller runs as part of upgrade
TsuUserAgent HTTP User-Agent string during component downloads
UIAllowCancel Nonzero to enable Cancel buttons
UILevel User interface level during install
UILicenseAgreed Customer agrees to the license agreement
UILicensePage Controls whether to show a License Agreement page
UIReadmePage Controls whether to show a Readme page
UIRegistrationPage Controls whether to show a Registration page
UIRunApp Controls whether the application is started after installation
UIRunAppArgs Arguments for <UIRunAppPath>
UIRunAppDir Start folder for <UIRunAppPath>
UIRunAppPath Application to start after installation
UIShowRunApp Controls whether to show the Start application checkbox
UIWizardName Display name of the Setup wizard
UninstallKey Uninstaller registry key name
UninstallMainRegPath Main product uninstaller registry key path
UninstallRegPath Uninstaller registry key path
UninstallTitle Uninstaller display name
UpdateStarted Installation process has started
UpdateURL Product update URL
UserField1 Product registration field #1
UserField2 Product registration field #2
UserField3 Product registration field #3
UserLanguageID Language ID of the installation language (decimal)
USERNAME Name of the installing user
UserSID Security identifier of installing user
Version9X Windows 9x version number
VersionCLR .Net version number
VersionIE Internet Explorer version number
VersionMDAC MDAC version number
VersionMsi MSI version number
VersionNT Windows NT version number
VersionNT32 Windows NT/32 version number
VersionNT64 Windows NT/64 version number
VersionTin InstallMate version number
VirtualMemory Size of virtual memory in MB
WebSite Product information URL
WinCurVer Registry path to Windows information
WinCurVerNT Registry path to Windows [NT] information
WindowsBuild Windows build number
WindowsCore Target system is a core (non-UI) installation of Windows
WindowsFolder Windows user folder
WindowsType Windows product type number
WindowsVolume Disk drive containing Windows folder
WWWRootFolder IIS web virtual root folder
XCopy Path to the XCopy command line utility