This variable retrieves the raw MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) version number, if any. If present, this is the full version number of the MDAC installation on the target system, for example 2.81.1117.0.


You can refer to this variable as <RegMDACVersion>. Do not change its value; it has been carefully configured for cross-platform compatibility and is used internally by the installer. You can use this version number with runtime functions such as $vercmp to test for specific MDAC versions. Alternatively, you can use the VersionMDAC variable. However, that variable contains a less precise version number.

You can compare version numbers directly using the standard relational operators < <= > >= = and <>, so a conditional expression like RegMDACVersion > 2.81 will do a proper version comparison, obviating the need for the $vercmp function.

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