Time-out period for built-in messages such as those on the Messages project page, in seconds. The default time-out period for these built-in messages is 300 seconds (i.e., 5 minutes), but you can change this period by assigning a different value to the TsuMBTimeOut variable.

The built-in messages are displayed in a manner similar to the MessageBox action and the time-out period operates similarly to the Time out option of that action. The TsuMBTimeOut variable effectively determines the value of the Time out field for built-in messages.

Warning Warning: The TsuMBTimeOut variable affects all built-in messages. If you set this variable to an unsuitably small value (for example, 1 second), then the user will not have the chance to read or respond to queries, warnings, or error messages such as insufficient access rights or insufficient disk space for installation. The main purpose of this variable is to allow you to extend the time-out period, not to reduce it.



This variable is typically set in your InstallMate project before the installer is built. You can also change this variable during the installation process by assigning a new value to it using the Set Variable action.

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