iTixRuntime interface

This interface is implemented by the InstallMate installer; it allows extension DLLs access to the installer's runtime engine. A pointer to the object implementing this interface is passed to the extension DLL's TixHandler entry point and to all custom DLL functions.

The interface mechanism is similar to a COM interface, but it does not use COM. It is entirely implemented within InstallMate and does not require any COM initialization. However, its terminology is deliberately chosen to mirror COM programming practices in order to flatten the learning curve for developers.

The interface defines the following methods, in alphabetical order.

Name Description
CheckFileDelete Checks if the passed-in file will be deleted during the session.
FailInstall Requests the installer to fail the installation.
FailInstallEx Requests the installer to fail the installation. Identical to FailInstall in the current version.
GetFileInstallStatus Returns the installation status of the passed-in file.
GetInternalFlags Returns a number of internal installer flags.
GetSessionStatus Returns the internal session status.
GetSymbol Returns the value of a symbolic variable.
GetUILangID Returns the language ID of the user interface/installation language.
GetUserLangID Returns the language ID of the current user's locale.
GetVersion Returns the installer's internal version number.
GetVersionString Looks up a VERSIONINFO string from the extension DLL.
GetWindow Returns a handle to the installer's main window.
IsAdministrator Returns nonzero if running with Administrator privileges.
IsNT Returns nonzero if running on a Windows NT-based platform.
IsSilentInstall Returns nonzero if running as a quiet install (or removal).
LogMessage Writes a message to the installer's log file.
ResolveSymbols Resolves an expression containing symbolic references.
SetPostBootRegistration Sets or clears the internal "post-boot registration" flag.
SetReboot Sets or clears the internal reboot flag.
SetSymbol Sets a symbolic variable.
UpdateFeatures Requests the installer to update its feature and component bookkeeping.