Return the symbolic expansion of a given symbolic variable.

This function can only be used to obtain the value of a single variable such as INSTALLDIR. If you need the expansion of a full symbolic expression such as <INSTALLDIR>\Text.txt, then you should use iTixRuntime::ResolveSymbols() instead.

BOOL GetSymbol(
    const TCHAR *pszSymbolName,
    TCHAR *pszResult,
    UINT uResultCount


Name of the symbolic variable that must be resolved. This must be the name only, without enclosing < and > angle brackets.
Pointer to the buffer that will receive the requested expanded value.
Size of the pszResult buffer expressed as number of TCHARs (i.e., bytes for an ANSI build, or WORDs for a Unicode build). The installer will copy at most uResultCount - 1 characters to the buffer, then terminate the result with '\0'.

Return value

Returns nonzero if the resolved variable is not empty, or FALSE (zero) if it is. If the pszResult buffer is too small to receive the expanded variable, the expansion is silently truncated. No error indication is given in that case.