Returns the file installation status of the file installed as pszFilePath. This function only gives meaningful results after file installation is completed, i.e., from TIXMSG_END_FILE_INSTALL in the installation session until TIXMSG_START_FILE_REMOVAL in the uninstall session.

int GetFileInstallStatus(
    const TCHAR *pszFilePath


Path to the file that must be queried. pszFilePath may be either a symbolic (e.g., <INSTALLDIR>\Testme.dll) or a literal file path (e.g., C:\Program Files\MyStuff\Testme.dll); the function will expand any symbolic variables before use.

Return value

Returns one of the values below.

Symbol Value Description
TIXFILE_NOTINSTALLED 0 Not installed or not found
Success codes are > 0
TIXFILE_SUCCESSNEW 1 Succeeded: new file installed
TIXFILE_SUCCESSUPDATE 2 Succeeded: existing file updated
TIXFILE_SUCCESSEXISTING 3 Succeeded: existing file was up to date
Failure codes are < 0
TIXFILE_ERROR -1 Failed: error while installing file