Checks if the file given by pszFilePath will be deleted during the session. The function only gives meaningful results between TIXMSG_START_PROCESSING and TIXMSG_START_FILE_REMOVAL (inclusive). It is useful if your extension DLL must perform some kind of action on files that are about to be removed, for example an unregistration or backup action.

BOOL CheckFileDelete(
    const TCHAR *pszFilePath


Path to the file that must be checked. pszFilePath may be either a symbolic (e.g., <INSTALLDIR>\Testme.dll) or a literal file path (e.g., C:\Program Files\MyStuff\Testme.dll); the function will expand any symbolic variables before use.

Return value

Returns nonzero if the file will be deleted, or zero (FALSE) if the file will be retained, was not part of the installation package, or does not exist at all.