Installation - License page

The Tarma QuickInstall 2 Installation - License page served to specify the text for the installer's License agreement dialog box. In InstallMate, all dialog boxes are fully configurable and you can add any number of dialog boxes that you like. The predefined LicenseDlg dialog box on the Dialogs project page is normally used for this purpose, but you can change this as required. The actual texts are stored separately as RichText resources on the RichTexts project page.

Tarma QuickInstall 2 license agreement texts are converted as follows when you open a Tarma QuickInstall 2 project in InstallMate:

  1. Each license agreement text variant is converted to a RichText resource. In Tarma QuickInstall 2, the license agreement variants were used to supply different license agreement texts for different languages.
  2. The RTF name attribute of the MainText RichText control in the predefined LicenseDlg on the Dialogs project page is set to the name of the converted RichText resource. If the Tarma QuickInstall 2 project contained language-specific license agreement texts, then the RTF name attribute is localized and the various translations of the license agreement text are entered for the corresponding languages.