Dialogs reference

This section contains the full list of stand-alone dialogs in InstallMate, sorted alphabetically. You can also obtain dialog-specific help by pressing F1 while in a dialog, or by clicking the Help button that appears in most dialogs.

Alphabetical list of dialogs

About InstallMate - About
About InstallMate - Contact Info
About InstallMate - System Info
Add Files to Project
Adding Folder Contents
Assign to Component
Build - Actions
Build - Advanced
Build - Diagnostics
Build - Code signing
Bulk Import
Define Watch List
Delete Object
Edit Localized String
Edit Text
Export Translations As
Extension DLL
Folder - Traits
Folder - Watch Lists
Format Paragraph
Generate password
Import Mobile RegEdit File
Import RegEdit File
License registration
New Project - Languages
New Project - Options
New Project - Template
Operation in progress
Operation in progress
Preferences - General
Preferences - Code signing
Preferences - Diagnostics
Project Properties - General
Project Properties - Preferences
Select Component
Select Dialog Event
Select Dialog or Control
Select Icon
Select Icon from File
Select Installation File or Folder
Select Installation Folder
Select Installation Language
Select Installation Languages
Select Installation Object
Select Installation Platforms
Select Object
Select Product Option
Select Symbolic Variable
Select String
Setup Error Handling
Source File Information