Runtime error (unhandled exception)

Exception 0x%08X at address %p
Caught: %a [%d]

Please contact

Indicates an internal error, usually caused by a bug in our software. The current command may have been partially completed, but the resuts are uncertain.


Exception code
Memory address at which the exception occurred
Module in which the exception was caught
Line in the module where the exception was caught


The safest course of action at this point is to save your project to a different location and close InstallMate. Next, restart InstallMate, re-open the file, and check if all information is still there. Then try if the problem is reproducible and if you can find the steps that lead to it.

To help prevent this kind of error in the future, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please provide the following information:

For technical support contact information, see Where to go for more information.