About InstallMate - System Info

This dialog box is one of the pages of the About InstallMate window. It displays the technical information about your system, intended for technical support use.

You can open this dialog with the Help > About InstallMate command from the main menu.

Privacy notice: We have tried to restrict the information in this dialog to the items that we need for technical support. Furthermore, no information will be sent to us unless you give the command (and even then InstallMate only opens your email client; it doesn't send any information by itself). However, feel free to remove information that you consider to be too sensitive to pass on to us.

Dialog fields and options

The first time you open this page, it will display a progress box while the system information is being collected. Once that is done, the system information appears in the text field that occupies most of the dialog box. You can select (portions of) the text to copy, or just use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy everything at once.

The dialog contains the following fields and options.

Attribute Description
Saved as Shows the file path to which the system information was saved after you clicked Save as...
Copy to clipboard Copies the entire contents of the text field with system information to the clipboard, from where you can paste it into any other application that accepts text, such as an email client or text editor.
Save as... Click this button to save the system information to an external file. It will be saved as Unicode text, encoded as UTF-8.
Send mail Click this button to send the system information by email to Tarma's technical support address. If necessary, the system information is saved to a temporary file first. You will see a notice reminding you to attach the system information file to the email message, because we haven't been able to find a method to automate this that works with all email clients.

Click this button to refresh the system information. You will need to re-save it if you want to keep a record of it.