Treat warnings as errors set and warnings detected - stopping build

One or more warnings were generated during the preflight check and the Treat warnings as errors attribute was checked in the current package. As a result, the build was cancelled.

Background information

Warning messages indicate a potentially serious problem with the installer configuration (see Diagnostic messages for the various levels). It is therefore recommended to try and build an installer without warning messages and the Treat warnings as errors attribute helps you to enforce that.


Try the following, in order of preference:

  1. Resolve the warning messages by removing their cause. For example, if InstallMate flags an invalid conditional expression somewhere, correct the expression.
  2. If a warning cannot be resolved, suppress it by clicking on the Advanced... button in the package, then using the Build Diagnostics dialog box to add the warning message's code to Never report.
  3. If that doesn't help, clear the Treat warnings as errors attribute.