Diagnostic messages

Diagnostic messages appear in the pane across the bottom of the InstallMate window. They are generated during preflight and build checks, but also when a Tarma QuickInstall 2.x project, an MSI database, an InstallShield Wizard project, or a Visual Basic project are imported and converted.

You can click the help icon in front of each message to obtain information about the message. The second icon in the Code column indicates the severity level of the message (see below); the actual message identifier is shown next to it. Further columns show the sequence number of the message (in case you want to re-sort the messages in sequence), the language to which the message applies, the name of the item, and the message text itself.


Message identifiers

Each message has an identifier. These identifiers use the format CAT:Snnnn, where CAT is the message category prefix (see below), S the first letter of the severity level (see below), and nnnn the message number within its category and severity level.


Severity levels

The following severity levels are defined for diagnostic messages.

Icon Level InstallMate Builder (BLD, MSI, TIN2, VBP messages) Setup log file (TSU messages)
Error Indicates an issue that prevents the build from completing successfully. You must resolve all Error messages in order to build an installation package. Indicates an issue that will terminate the installation, unless masked by the Error handling options.
Warning Indicates an issue that is likely to cause the installation to fail or that is potentially very dangerous. If possible, you should try to resolve all Warning messages. You can enforce that by checking the Treat warnings as errors box in the package attributes. Indicates a non-fatal issue that might cause the installation to be incomplete. As a result, the application may not run as intended.
Unsupported Indicates use of a feature that is not supported by InstallMate. (not currently used)
Questionable Indicates an issue that is valid, but may not be what you intended. You should carefully review each Questionable message and convince yourself that the situation is acceptable to you. Indicates a delayed issue that requires additional action (such as a system restart) to complete the installation.
Advisory Indicates an issue that violates the Windows Logo Requirements or other Best Practice guidelines. If your installer must conform to these requirements, you should resolve all Advisory messages. Indicates a successful and intended change to the target system as part of the installation process.
Informational Lists general information, usually some sort of progress message. No action is required for Informational messages. Provides general installation, system, or progress information.
Debug Detailed tracing information for debugging purposes. Detailed tracing information for debugging purposes.

Message category prefixes

Use the links below for more information about the various message categories.

Prefix Description
BLD Preflight and build messages
CECAB Windows Mobile conversion messages
IWZ InstallShield Wizard conversion messages
MSI Windows Installer build and conversion messages
TIN2 Tarma QuickInstall 2.x conversion messages
TSU InstallMate Setup log messages
VBP Visual Basic conversion messages