Buy InstallMate 9 license

The use of InstallMate is subject to our licensing terms and conditions, and requires that you purchase a license in order to distribute the installers made with it. For the full license terms and conditions, see the License Agreement.

You can try out InstallMate for free before buying a license. When you buy a license for InstallMate 9, you receive:

  • A registration certificate that unlocks your installers for royalty-free distribution
  • Free technical support
  • Unlimited free minor upgrades (9.x)
  • A 12-month major upgrade warranty (free upgrade to the next major version if within 12 months of purchase)

Note: all prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP). For UK and EU customers, VAT at the local rate is included in the price.

New licenses

New licenses are available if you never had a previous InstallMate or Tarma Installer, ExpertInstall, or QuickInstall license.

License type Purchase option Price Order link
Professional New license GBP 189/developer Buy online
Site New license GBP 1890/site Buy online
Premium support Additional hours GBP 69/hour Buy online

Licence upgrades

You are eligible for a discounted upgrade license if you have a current InstallMate 7 or Tarma Installer, ExpertInstall, or QuickInstall license in your name (for per-developer's licenses) or in your company's name (for site licenses).

License type Purchase option Price Order link
Professional Upgrade from InstallMate 7 GBP 129/developer Buy online
Upgrade from Installer 5 or earlier GBP 149/developer Buy online
Site Upgrade from InstallMate 7* GBP 1290/site Buy online
*Free if you purchased IM7 after 01/01/2012 (no premium support) Contact sales
Upgrade from Installer 5 or earlier GBP 1490/site Buy online

Premium support

Premium support entitles you to additional development and programming assistance, up to the number of hours that were included with your license purchase. You can use premium support for other issues as well, for example detailed help with your installer project, custom DLL programming, or specific advice about how to install your application or deal with incompatibilities such as UAC issues.

(In contrast, our free technical support is limited to small incidents of 5-10 minutes each, in which we explain to you how to achieve certain installation tasks, but leave it to you to actually integrate those tasks in your own InstallMate project.)

Note: After your premium support allowance runs out, you are still entitled to our (free) standard support. You can also buy additional premium support hours if required; see Ordering a license, above.

License types

The following InstallMate 9 licenses are available. For the full license terms and conditions, see the License Agreement.

  • Per-developer licenses entitle the corresponding number of developers to use InstallMate to create and distribute installation packages. Distribution is royalty-free.
  • A site license entitles all employees of the registered company or institution to use InstallMate to create and distribute installation packages. Distribution is royalty-free.

You can also choose between personal or professional licenses; the difference is the level of technical support that is included with the license. The following table shows the features of each license type.

License type License model Features Applies to
Professional Per developer
  • Individuals who prefer Premium support
  • Businesses with annual turnover of US$500,000 or more
Site Per site
  • Businesses with more than 10 developers

Entering your InstallMate 9 registration certificate

Once you have your new InstallMate 9 registration certificate, you can register your copy of InstallMate 9 as follows.

  1. If you haven't done so already, download and install InstallMate 9 on your system. You can install InstallMate 9 on the same computer as Tarma QuickInstall 2, Tarma ExpertInstall 3, Tarma Installer 5, and InstallMate 7; the programs are independent.
  2. Start InstallMate 9.
  3. On the main menu bar, choose Help > Register... This opens the License registration dialog box. You can also click the Register... link in the navigation panel on the left.
  4. Copy the registration certificate from the email message to the Windows clipboard. Be sure to copy all lines, starting with the ----BEGIN TARMA CERTIFICATE----- line and ending with ----END TARMA CERTIFICATE----- (inclusive).
  5. Paste the certificate in the Registration certificate field in the License registration dialog box that you opened in step 3.
  6. Click Register.
  7. If all went well, you will see a confirmation dialog box. If there is a problem, an error message will appear instead; retry the procedure and be careful to include the entire certificate.

Tip: In step 4 above, copy the registration certificate from a plain text email window. Do NOT copy from an HTML, Rich Text, or similar formatted email window; this introduces formatting codes that confuse the registration process. All our registration email messages are in plain text format, so normally this shouldn't be a problem.