Consultancy services

Tarma Software Research Ltd is a software development and consultancy firm based in London, United Kingdom. We specialise in object-oriented programming for Microsoft Windows with assembler, C and C++, with the emphasis on high-quality, fast, compact code and applications.

What we offer

In addition to the technical support that is included with our products, we also provide programming and consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Installer development (both Tarma native and MSI-based)
  • Windows software development in C and C++
  • Windows application design best practices
  • Application compatibility testing across Windows versions
  • Windows internals

How to order consultancy services

Programming and consultancy services are available upon request and are charged by the hour at US$90/hour. We do both time + materials and fixed price projects, but the latter only if the project is sufficiently well-specified.

Please contact our Sales department to discuss your requirements. To order and pay for our consultancy hours (after consultation with our Sales department) you can use the following link; be sure to enter the desired number of hours.

Order Tarma consultancy (after discussing your requirements with our Sales department)