Registry paths variables

Alias for registry key
Symbolic variables with this description on the Variables page are automatic aliases for registry keys on the Registry page. They represent the full registry path to their associated key and are not listed below. You can find the registry key to which the variable refers by clicking on the button in the toolbar on the Variables page.
Variable Description
HKAU All Users registry hive (maps to either HKLM or HKCU)
HKCR Class registration registry hive
HKCU Current User registry hive
HKLM Local Machine registry hive
HKU Users registry hive
MSOffice Microsoft Office registry key
RegMDAC Microsoft MDAC registry key
ShellFoldersCU Current User Shell folders registry key
ShellFoldersLM Common Shell folders registry key
UninstallKey Uninstaller registry key name
UninstallMainRegPath Main product uninstaller registry key path
UninstallRegPath Uninstaller registry key path
WinCurVer Registry path to Windows information
WinCurVerNT Registry path to Windows [NT] information