System folders variables

Alias for installation folder
Symbolic variables with this description on the Variables page are automatic aliases for installation folders on the Files and folders page. They represent the full installation path of their associated folder and are not listed below. You can find the folder to which the variable refers by clicking on the button in the toolbar on the Variables page.
Variable Description
AdminToolsFolder Current User Administrative Tools folder
AppDataFolder Current User application data folder
CacheFolder Current User Internet cache folder
CommonAdminToolsFolder All Users Administrative Tools folder
CommonAppDataFolder All Users application data folder
CommonDesktopFolder All Users Desktop folder
CommonDocumentsFolder All Users Documents folder
CommonFavoritesFolder All Users Favorites folder
CommonFiles64Folder Root folder for 64-bit shared program files
CommonFilesFolder Root folder for 32-bit shared program files
CommonFilesXFolder Root folder for shared native-bitness program files
CommonProfileFolder All Users profile root folder
CommonProgramGroupFolder All Users Program group folder
CommonProgramMenuFolder All Users Programs menu folder
CommonStartMenuFolder All Users Start menu folder
CommonStartupFolder All Users Startup programs folder
CommonTemplateFolder All Users Templates folder
CookiesFolder Current User Cookies folder
DesktopFolder Current User Desktop folder
Drivers64Folder Device drivers folder (64-bit)
DriversFolder Device drivers folder (32-bit)
DriversXFolder Device drivers folder (native)
FavoritesFolder Current User Favorites folder
FontsFolder Font installation folder
GlobalAssemblyCache .Net Global Assembly Cache folder
HelpFolder Help installation folder
HistoryFolder Current User History folder
InfFolder Device driver installation info folder
LocalAppDataFolder Local (non-roaming) Application data folder
LocalSettingsFolder Local (non-roaming) root folder
MSOfficeDir10 Microsoft Office 2002 programs folder
MSOfficeDir11 Microsoft Office 2003 programs folder
MSOfficeDir12 Microsoft Office XP programs folder
MSOfficeDir8 Microsoft Office 97 programs folder
MSOfficeDir9 Microsoft Office 2000 programs folder
MyPicturesFolder Current User My Pictures folder
NetHoodFolder Current User NetHood folder
OfficeFolder Microsoft Office programs folder
PersonalFolder Current User Personal folder
PrintHoodFolder Current User PrintHood folder
ProfileFolder Current User profile base folder
ProfilesFolder Profiles root folder
ProgramFiles64Folder Root folder for 64-bit application programs
ProgramFilesFolder Root folder for 32-bit application programs
ProgramFilesXFolder Root folder for native-bitness application programs
ProgramMenuFolder Current User Program group folder
ProgramGroupFolder Current User Programs menu folder
RecentFolder Current User Recent Documents folder
SendToFolder Current User Send To targets folder
StartMenuFolder Current User Start menu folder
StartupFolder Current User Startup programs folder
System16Folder Windows system folder (16-bit)
System64Folder Windows system folder (64-bit)
SystemFolder Windows system folder (32-bit)
SystemXFolder Windows system folder (native)
TempFolder Temporary files folder
TemplateFolder Current User Templates folder
TizPath Original installation database path
WindowsFolder Windows user folder
WindowsVolume Disk drive containing Windows folder
WWWRootFolder IIS web virtual root folder