Build-time variables

In general, you can use symbolic variables as part of your build actions. Symbolic variables are expanded immediately prior to the build action in which they are used. See Alphabetical reference for a full description of the available symbolic variables.

General variables

Most symbolic variables can be used normally in build actions, because they do not depend on the system configuration and are not sensitive to timing issues (unless you redefined them in a way that does refer to runtime or build time information).

However, be aware that some variables refer to runtime information that depend on the target system (for example, physical memory size or the full path to the Windows folder). If you use these variables in build actions, they may be undefined or refer to your development system instead of the customer's system, which may or may not be what you intended.

Build time variables

The following variables are set by InstallMate each time you build a project and are considered build time variables:

Variable Description Scope
BuildBase Build target base name Set per package configuration
BuildDate Build date as YYYYMMDD Set for the entire build process
BuildDayNo Build day number, starting from 1 = 1 January 2000 Set for the entire build process
BuildFolder Folder containing the build target Set per package configuration
BuildName Package name Set per package configuration
BuildSerial Builder's registration code Set per package configuration
BuildTarget Build target file path Set per package configuration
BuildTime Build time as HHMMSS Set for the entire build process
BuildType Build type: TSU Set per package configuration
BuildVersion InstallMate version that created the installer Set per package configuration
InstallMatePath Root folder of the InstallMate product installation Set for the entire build process
ProjectFolder Folder containing the InstallMate project file Set for the entire build process
ProjectName InstallMate project file base name Set for the entire build process
ProjectPath Fully qualified path to the InstallMate project file Set for the entire build process

Validity of build variables

During the build actions, the values of build time variables are available for use in the actions. However, their values may change during the build process as different configurations or targets are processed. Use the table below to determine which variables can be safely used during each custom build action.

n/a - indicates that the variable's value is either not available or cannot be relied upon.

For each package configuration
BuildBase n/a Valid n/a
BuildDate Valid
BuildDayNo Valid
BuildFolder n/a Valid n/a
BuildName n/a Valid n/a
BuildSerial n/a Valid n/a
BuildTarget n/a Valid n/a
BuildTime Valid
BuildType n/a Valid n/a
BuildVersion n/a Valid n/a
InstallMatePath Valid
ProjectFolder Valid
ProjectName Valid
ProjectPath Valid