$systime function


The $systime function returns the current system date/time as a serial number, with an optional offset. The serial number can be compared to other serial date/times such as produced by the $ftimec/$ftimem functions.


All parameters may contain symbolic references; these are resolved before the function is applied. See Examples below.

[Optional] If an offset is given, its value is assumed to be the number of seconds to add (if positive) or subtract (if negative) from the current system date/time. This parameter can be used to return the date/time serial time of some point in the past or future.


Here are some usage examples for this function:

<$systime(-86400)> > <$ftimem(<INSTALLDIR>\data.txt)>
A conditional expression that is True if Tin.exe was modified more than 1 day (24 * 60 * 60 seconds) ago.