Bitmap resource

A Bitmap resource represents a bitmap image for use in the installer's user interface, typically as a background in a dialog box or instead of a caption in some controls. To display a bitmap image, you must place the appropriate control in the dialog box, then link the control to the desired Bitmap resource.

Note: Bitmap resources are stored as external files; the InstallMate project file only contains the external file path for each Bitmap resource, not the Bitmap resource itself. You cannot edit Bitmap resources in InstallMate; you must use a separate image editor instead.

InstallMate controls that accept a Bitmap resource are: Bitmap, CheckBox, PushButton, RadioButton


The following attributes and options are available.

Attribute Description
Name Enter the name for the Bitmap resource. This name is used in InstallMate to refer to the bitmap and must be unique among all Bitmap resources.
Bitmap path Displays the file path for the bitmap resource. To select a different bitmap file, click ... (browse) to open a standard Open dialog box that lets you browse for the desired bitmap file.
Bitmap info Shows the dimensions and color depth of the bitmap image. This field is for information only.

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