Shortcut locations on desktop systems

You can create shortcuts in any folder on the Files and folders page. However, to make them appear on the Desktop, Start menu, or Programs menu, use the folders shown in the following tables. For more information about shortcut installation, see Installing Shortcuts.

Shortcuts common to all users on a system

Menu Folder
Desktop Target System\Desktop (Public)
Start menu Target System\Desktop (Public)\Start Menu
Programs menu Target System\Desktop (Public)\Start Menu\Programs
Product program group Target System\Desktop (Public)\Start Menu\Programs\<ProductName>
Startup menu Target System\Desktop (Public)\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Shortcuts for the current user only

Menu Folder
Desktop Target System\Users\Current User\Desktop
QuickLaunch toolbar Target System\Users\Current User\Desktop\Quick Launch
Start menu Target System\Users\Current User\Start Menu
Programs menu Target System\Users\Current User\Start Menu\Programs
Product program group Target System\Users\Current User\Start Menu\Programs\<ProductName>
Startup menu Target System\Users\Current User\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

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