Web version check

Do you want to check for updates now? This will open your web browser
and go to the Tarma web site. From there, you can download the latest
InstallMate release.

Indicates that InstallMate is about to check for the availability of a new version on the Tarma web site and asks you to confirm that you want to do this.


When you issue a web version check, for example by choosing Help > Check for Updates from the InstallMate main menu, InstallMate sends a special URL to your web browser. The URL passed to your web browser contains three fields that automate the version checking process. Typically, the URL looks like this:

The initial portion is the address of the web page that contains the InstallMate news and release history. It is followed by three parameters:

InstallMate passes no other information to your web browser, and all web access is under full control of your browser and yourself. This also applies to the update or download process itself: InstallMate does not (and in fact, cannot) download any files or other information from the web.

If you want to download a new software version, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate link on the web page that is returned in your browser as a result of the version check request. This is no different from any other manual download that you might initiate.


Click Yes to allow InstallMate to open the indicated web page in your web browser, or No to skip the check. If you want to check for new InstallMate releases manually, you can do so by visiting the Tarma web site at