The assembly security catalog could not be added to the assembly.

Please ensure that the security catalog is in the same folder as the .manifest file.

Indicates that InstallMate Builder could not find the security catalog for the shared Windows side-by-side assembly being created.


Full path to the security catalog that must be added to the newly created assembly.


Shared (or global, public) Windows side-by-side assemblies must be digitally signed in order to be installed into the global WinSxS folder tree. The corresponding public key token must be stored in the assembly's manifest file and becomes part of the assembly's identity; the actual digital signature plus its certificate chain are stored in a separate security catalog file. This catalog file must have the same name as the manifest file, but with a .cat instead of a .manifest file extension.

If the security catalog is not present during installation, then the registration of the global side-by-side assembly (and probably the overall product installation) will fail.


When you add a global Windows side-by-side assembly to your InstallMate project, all source files that make up the assembly should be located in the same folder as the manifest itself. This includes the following files:

If necessary, locate all these files and move them to a separate, assembly-specific folder on your development system, then add the assembly again.