The document could not be replaced by the new version.

Indicates that the document could not be saved to disk. More precisely: the document was saved successfully to a new, temporary file, but the original file could not be replaced by the new one. Additional error information, if any, is displayed along with this message.


For safety reasons, InstallMate first saves your document to a temporary file before replacing the existing document file. This prevents data loss if the save operation somehow fails. Once the document is successfully saved to the temporary file, the original file is replaced. This is normally a safe operation, but it can fail if the original file is in use by some other application or because of access restrictions. In any case, your original file is left unchanged.


You should study the additional error information to see what's causing the problem. You can then try to save the document again, either to the same file (in case the problem was transient) or to a different one (if the problem is permanent, for example because of access restrictions).