Select Installation Languages

The Select Installation Languages dialog box appears in a number of situations where you need to select a subset of the available project languages, in particular for components and packages. It allows you to specify the desired subset, or to use all available languages.

Note: Use the Languages page to add or remove project languages.

Dialog fields and options

This dialog box contains the following fields and options.

Attribute Description
Install for all languages Select this option to install the component or build the package for all available project languages. With this option, any changes in the set of project languages are automatically reflected in the component or package.
Install for these languages only

Select this option to specify a subset of the available project languages. You can select the individual languages by checking or clearing their boxes in the list of languages.

Note: If you subsequently add new languages to the project, then the new languages will not be automatically included in the selection that you made earlier in the Select Installation Languages dialog box. You must manually re-select the subset of languages that you wish to use.