Select Installation Object

The Select Installation Object dialog box appears when you choose the Add Object... command on a component's context menu. It allows you to select an installation object to add to the component.

Note: Adding an object to a component removes that object from its previous component, if any.

Dialog fields and options

The dialog contains a tree and an item list side-by-side. The tree displays the top-level installation objects similar to those shown on the various project pages (although in the dialog they are all combined in a single tree); the list shows the objects that are part of the currently selected tree item.

Note: Only project items that can be associated with a component appear in the tree and list; that is why you won't see any project resource items.

Attribute Description
Path Displays the path to the currently selected item. This is for reference only; when you add the object to the component, it will be linked using its internal object identifier.