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This dialog box is one of the pages of the About InstallMate window. It displays the InstallMate version information, legal notices, and your registration information.

You can open this dialog with the Help > About InstallMate command from the main menu.

Dialog fields and options

The upper portion of this dialog box displays the InstallMate version information, plus the applicable legal notices. The lower part of the dialog displays your registration information, or an evaluation notice if the software isn't registered. It contains two push buttons.

Attribute Description
(upper portion)
  • The upper version number has the format 9.minor.revision.build and indicates the product version. 9 is the major version; minor is the minor version number (incremented whenever we add significant new functionality); revision is the revision number (incremented for minor fixes); build is the build number (it's a day number, starting with 2000-01-01 = day 1). All (executable) files in a given release of InstallMate should have the same product version and we use this version number to identify each release.
  • The lower version number has the format yyyy.mm.dd.hhmmC and indicates the file version. This version number encodes the date and time when this particular file was built: yyyy is the year, mm the month, dd the day of the month, hhmm the time on a 24-hour hours:minutes clock, and C the character encoding that was used internally: A=ANSI, U=Unicode. The file version numbers of the (executable) files in an InstallMate release may vary a little due to the time it takes us to build the software.
Registration information List the information information from your registration certificate. You can select the text in this field and copy it to the Windows clipboard by right-clicking on it and choosing Select All, Copy from the pop-up menu, or by clicking on the Copy button next to it.
Register... Click this button to open the License registration dialog. You can use this dialog to enter your registration certificate; it also contains instructions about the registration process.

Click this button to remove your registration information from your computer. The software will revert to its evaluation mode.

Copy Click this button to copy your registration information to the Windws clipboard, from where you can paste in into email messages and other destinations.