MSI does not support this file registration mode

The indicated expression contains alternate values, but you are building an MSI installer. MSI does not support alternate values; to work around this limitation, InstallMate resolves all such calls when it builds the MSI database. However, this means that the function call is evaluated on your own system instead of on the target system, which may lead to unexpected results and may cause the installation to fail or to behave erratically.


Alternate values are expressions of the form <reference1=reference2=...> and are used to evaluate a number of alternative values, typically to cater for platform differences. The value of the expression as a whole is the value of the first non-empty reference sub-expression.


Do not use alternate values if you are building an MSI installer. In some cases, this may occur if you use a predefined symbolic variable that is intended for InstallMate rather than MSI installer. If you need equivalent functionality for the MSI installer, it might be necessary to use one or more Format Text custom actions (MSI custom action type 51) that are conditional upon the target platform. Alternatively, build an InstallMate installer.

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