MSI does not support function call $%s

The indicated expression contains a symbolic function call, but you are building an MSI installer. MSI does not support symbolic function calls and the resulting string will be not be what you expected. This may lead to unexpected results and may cause the installation to fail or to behave erratically.


InstallMate uses symbolic function calls in the format <$name(arguments)> to perform various installation-time tasks. Some of these function calls have equivalents in MSI and will be converted to those when you build an MSI installer, but others have not. The table below shows the available conversions.

Function call Converted to Notes
<$env(name)> [%name] Equivalent functionality
<$sfn(path)> path path will remain in LFN (long file name) format
Others empty Will probably cause the installation to fail


Do not use symbolic function calls if you are building an MSI installer, except the ones that have an acceptable conversion. Alternatively, build an InstallMate installer instead.

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