%s is not localized for this language - will use default text "%s"

Localization is enabled for the localizable string Name, but no translation is provided for the current target language. The installer will therefore use the default text instead. This may be as intended, but it may also indicate an oversight.


If you enabled localization for the indicated string, you will probably want to provide translations for each target language. To do so, select the indicated language (as shown in the Language column of the Diagnostics pane) as the default InstallMate language and edit the text string. Alternatively, click on the ยป button to the right of the string's edit field to open the Edit Localized String dialog and add the desired translation.

On the other hand, if the indicated string should not be localized, then you can disable localization by clicking on the * button to the right of the string's edit field. This will remove all translations for the string.

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