Code signing failed - %s. Check log file %s for more information.

An error occurred when the installation package was digitally signed.


Error message (from SignCode.exe, SignTool.exe, or internally)

Background information

InstallMate uses the Microsoft tool SignCode.exe or SignTool.exe to add a digital signature to the installation package if the Sign after build attribute is set in the package options. If SignCode.exe or SignTool.exe are not correctly configured, or if there is a problem with the certificate that is used for signing, the code signing might fail.


Depending on the nature of the error message, try the following:

Warning Warning: The SHA2 digests are not universally supported and your system might not support signing with these digests. If you see a diagnostic message BLD:E0039 Code signing failed - SignCode/SignTool returned nonzero exit code 0x00000001 after code signing when you have selected one of the SHA2 digests, then you must choose SHA1 instead.