TIXSES_xxx session types

The pMessage->dwSessionType field indicates the type of installer session in which the extension DLL is called. Your extension Dll can use this information to modify its behavior if required. The following session types are defined.

Session type Value Description
TIXSES_PREFLIGHT 0 Preflight test run executed from the InstallMate development environment. The preflight check is used to establish the minimally required operation and compliance of the extension DLL. Your extension DLL should not perform any installation-related actions in this type of session.
TIXSES_INSTALL 1 Regular installation run, either as a first-time installation or as a subsequent add/modify session in which selected components are added or removed.
TIXSES_UNINSTALL 2 Regular uninstallation run. The entire product is being removed during this kind of session.
TIXSES_REGISTER 3 Post-boot registration run. This is a special session type that is only invoked if files were in use during the initial installation. The system has since been restarted, and the current session performs self-registration (only) of the files that were installed previously.
TIXSES_REPAIR 4 Repair run. This re-installs the product with the same components in order to restore missing or damaged files and other information.