Advanced - Actions page

The Tarma QuickInstall 2 Advanced - Actions page has been renamed to Actions in InstallMate. The overall purpose of the page is still the same: it defines the actions that the installer executes. However, the InstallMate action sequences and actions are much more flexible than their Tarma QuickInstall 2 counterparts. Tarma QuickInstall 2 contained a dozen predefined actions and had one type of custom action. In contrast, InstallMate contains more than 50 standard actions, plus many different custom action types. The (single) Tarma QuickInstall 2 custom action type corresponds to the Run Program custom action in InstallMate.

Custom action settings (Tarma QuickInstall 2)

The Tarma QuickInstall 2 custom action corresponds to the Run Program action in InstallMate. The following table shows how Tarma QuickInstall 2 custom action settings are converted to the InstallMate Run Program action.

Tarma QuickInstall 2 InstallMate Changes and conversion notes
n/a Action name New in InstallMate; used to identify the action in its sequence.
Action title Description In InstallMate, the action description may be localized.
Target path Installed path No changes.
Arguments Arguments No changes.
Start in Start in No changes.
Run program Show No changes except for the new name.
Condition Condition In InstallMate, conditions can use the full conditional expression syntax.
Prompt Prompt In InstallMate, the prompt text may be localized.
Synchronous n/a Combined with Timeout (see below).
ShellExecute ShellExecute No changes.
Reboot n/a No longer supported. You can set the TsuRebootRequired variable if you need to reboot the system.
Not silent Not silent No changes.
Timeout Timeout In InstallMate, this option combines the Synchronous and Timeout from Tarma QuickInstall 2.
Wait for process Process 2 No changes (both Tarma QuickInstall 2 and InstallMate wait for the Installed path process first, then for the optional second process if any is specified).
Win16 n/a Waiting for 16-bit processes is no longer supported.
Exit code Exit code No changes.
Platforms Platforms... Similar, except that the platform selection is in a separate Select Installation Platforms dialog box.