Installing an Internet (URL) Shortcut

An Internet (URL) shortcut is simply a text file in INI format with a .url extension. Here is a sample URL shortcut file:


InstallMate accepts .url files for installation the same way it does other files. Therefore, if you already have the .url shortcut file on your computer, you can use normal file installation procedures to include it in your project and install it with the rest of your application. See Installing Files for more information for these procedures.

Note - InstallMate does not accept regular shortcuts (with a .lnk extension) for file installation, because they cannot be transferred by normal file copy. See Installing Shortcuts for information about installing regular shortcuts.

Some further hints and tips:

Using an INI file to create an Internet shortcut

An alternative way to create an Internet shortcut is to use the INI Files facility to create an INI file with INI Value attributes as follows:

The INI file approach has the advantage that you can use symbolic variables in the specification of the Value value and INI file name; for example, you could set Value to <WebSite> or to some custom variable that you defined.

Tip - To create a URL shortcut along with the regular shortcuts in the program group of your application (on the Windows Start > Programs menu), set the INI file path to <CommonProgramGroupFolder>\My URL Shortcut.url, replacing My URL Shortcut with something appropriate to your application.

To insert <CommonProgramGroupFolder>, either type it directly or use the button to the right of the INI file field and choose Program Group Folder from the popup menu to have InstallMate insert it for you.