$datelocal function


The $datelocal function returns date formatted according to the "short date" format of the installation locale. date must be in the standard internal format yyyymmdd: 4-digit year, 2-digit month, 2-digit day of the month.

Note: This function uses the short date format of the installation locale, which may be different from the current user's locale. For example, in a multilingual installer the installation locale may be Spanish (if selected at the start of the installation), even though the installing user has her regional preferences set for US English.


All parameters may contain symbolic references; these are resolved before the function is applied. See Examples below.

Date in the format yyyymmdd.


Here are some usage examples for this function:


Returns the build date of the installer in the installation's locale short date format.

Note: BuildDate is a standard variable. However, it is not saved in the installer's database by default, so you must set its Include in installer attribute to use it in the installer.

Returns the date 6 months after the installer's build date in the installation's locale short date format. The $dateadd function adds the requested number of months (or days, years).