Windows could not generate a new GUID.

Error code: [%u] %s

Indicates that an attempt to generate a new GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) failed; the error code is included with the message.


Windows error code
Windows error message


GUIDs are guaranteed to be unique across all computers that use the same (standardized) GUID generation algorithm. To achieve this uniqueness, the GUID generator uses the identifier of the network card in the computer, the current date and time, and a counter. The result is then securely hashed to form the 128-bit number that is the GUID. (The hashing ensures that the original information cannot be reconstructed, so no identifying information will leak out.)

If the computer does not have a network card installed, or if it is not working properly, the GUID generation will fail. Without a truly unique identifier, information from different installation packages might get mixed up if different packages with that use the same GUID are installed on the same computer.


In general, this message indicates that no new GUID is available, usually due to a problem with the computer's network card. The most common error codes are:

In practice, these errors should rarely occur. If they do occur, the safest remedy is to install a new network card.