The project file format has changed in this version of InstallMate.
The new format cannot be read with previous versions of InstallMate.

Do you want to save a backup copy of the original project file (recommended)?

This message appears when you are opening a project file in a newer version of InstallMate that has backward-incompatible changes with the current project file's format.

As a result of the incompatible changes, if you save the project file from the new version of InstallMate, older versions of InstallMate may no longer be able to open the project or may interpret its contents incorrectly.

To be on the safe side, you should save a backup copy of your project file in case you want to revert to a previous version of InstallMate.


Path to the project file that has just been opened.


If you want to keep a copy of your original project file, then click Yes. This will create a copy of the original file. If you are certain that you don't need to open the project in previous versions of InstallMate any longer, or you keep previous versions of your project file in a version control system such as Git or Subversion, then click No.