This language requires code page %u to export as ANSI text.
This code page is not installed on your system.

Please select a Unicode encoding instead.

Indicates that the selected language's translations require an ANSI code page that is not present on your computer. The translations can therefore not be exported as ANSI text. However, you can export the translations as Unicode text.


Code page identifier of the required/missing code page


ANSI text is limited to 255 different character codes (more with double-byte character sets), which is not enough to cover all languages and scripts. Therefore, different languages use different sets of character codes; these sets are known as code pages. To encode text in a given language as ANSI, the corresponding ANSI code page must be present on your computer. If it's not present, then some characters from the language cannot be encoded.

Unicode is a different text encoding that allows up to 1 million different character codes, which is enough for all languages. Because InstallMate uses Unicode internally, it can read and write text in any language and does not require the presence of ANSI code pages.


Click OK, then select one of the Unicode encodings (UTF-8 or UTF-16) for export.