Source File Information

The Source File Information dialog box appears when you choose the Source File Information command on an installation file's context menu. It allows you to inspect the file and version details of the selected installation file.

Dialog fields and options

The upper section of the dialog displays the file name of the file and its shell icon (i.e., the icon that the Windows shell displays for it in Windows Explorer and other places). If the file contains one or more fonts, the names and type of the embedded fonts are displayed here as well.

Attribute Description
File path Displays the fully qualified file path of the source file.
File type Displays the file type as determined by InstallMate. This file type is used internally for various preflight checks.
File size The on-disk size of the file.
Created The date and time the file was created according to Windows.
Modified The date and time the file was last modified according to Windows. This date can be earlier than the Created date if the file was copied to its current location after it was last modified. (During a file copy, the Modified date is copied from the original file, but the Created date of the copy is set to the date and time of the copy operation.)
Attributes Indicates which file attributes are set. The boxes are read-only and for information; you cannot change the file attributes here.
Contains Indicates what elements InstallMate found inside the file that are relevant to the distribution and installation of the file.
Product [version] Displays the product version as read from the file's VERSIONINFO resource. Only executable files (.exe, .dll, and related) can have VERSIONINFO resources; for other file types, this field is blank.
File [version] Displays the file version as read from the same VERSIONINFO resource. The File version may or may not be the same as the Product version; the Windows specifications suggest that they be used for separate purposes (and Tarma's own products do so), but most developers seem to use the same version number for both.